Because you have more to do than cleaning

Shitbuster Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Get out of the shed faster

Shitbuster is a time-saving 100% polyester cloth mitt that cleans milking cups in next to no time using just water.

Around the house, the vat, or the receiving can. It can be used as a cloth or worn as a mitt.

It uses no nasty chemicals for the quickest clean you’ve ever seen. It comes in two colors, so you can use one for the shed and one for around the house, or the receiving can.

Buy three and get the fourth free!

Read the Shitbuster story...

Hi, I’m Lyn Webster and I lease a 200 cow dairy farm in Northland, New Zealand.

I milk the cows myself in an 18-a-side herringbone shed and after milking every day, the cows are waiting to cross a busy road to get to their days grazing.

So time is of the essence for me to get out of the shed and across the road. Often, cleaning up in the shed is rushed and not well done because priority is to get the cows onto the grass (and get a coffee for me).

Mucking around scrubbing shit off cups takes too long, but now I have discovered the Shitbuster 100% polyester cleaning cloth/mitt and I can wipe the cups clean in a fraction of the time using just water. It’s amazing.

Now, the shed looks great and hygienic and I can go and look after the cows. I loved the Shitbuster mitt so much I imported some so everyone can get out of the shed faster. I have one for shit (the cups), one for wiping the protein rainbows off the receiving can and vat door, one at home (dusting or cleaning the car) and one for in the shower.

You will love these cloth/mitts so much you will want more than one, which is why I am offering a fourth one free when you buy three.

Once you have used the shitbuster on the cups, you will notice the dirt does not seem to build up on them, making it even easier to keep the shed looking spotless.

Get your Shitbuster today, with free postage with orders of two or more, and if you buy three  the fourth one is free.

Because you have more to do than cleaning.

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